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Soccer Workouts will take place on (Tuesdays) 3/31, 4/7, 4/15, 4/21 and 4/28 at 6pm on zoom.
Basketball Workouts will take place on (Thursdays) 4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 4/23 and 4/30 at 6pm on zoom.
General physical conditioning and strength workouts will take place on (Wednesdays) 4/8, 4/15, 4/22 and 4/29 at 6pm

Join our team

Welcome to Kids Pick Up Games where every kid makes  the team. We have teams for basketball, football, softball, soccer and baseball. Join our Springfield Tigerz teams today.
We are Purpose Driven on our mission to leverage sports to improve academics in the city of Springfield, Ma. We are also the home of itty bitty ballers (sports for 3 and 4 year olds). Pre-register for the biddy spring season now by clicking here.
You have two choices for registration, a one time registration fee for the sport of your interest or the all star package which provides you access to all the sports you can handle every season.

Check out our all star plan

Our all star plans give your child(ren) access to all the sports you can handle for only $45. We are currently adding swimming and self defense to our menu of sports. Click the button below to learn more.

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Our team is dedicated to make sure that your child grows athletically and academically.

Mission: Our mission is to make sure that every kid in Springfield, Ma has access to a high quality sports experience. 
High Quality Sports Experience
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable coaches
  • Purposefully constructed teams
  • Consistent Communication
  • Making and maintaining friendships

Spring practice schedule

We are staying in shape with vitural workouts. Join us online via zoom. Contact Coach Cotton for upcoming workout times or check below for updates.


U12 (Coach Tone) - Monday 6pm, Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U10 (Coach Wayne) - Monday 6pm, Wednsday 6pm, Friday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U8 (Coach Randy) - Monday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U6 (Coach Victor) - Monday 6pm, Wednsday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U6 (Coach KJ) - Monday 6pm, Wednsday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

Itty Bitty Soccer (Coach Cotton) - Monday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

Itty Bitty Basketball (Starting April) - Friday at 6pm


U12 (Coach Spank)

U10 (Coach K) - Monday 6pm, Thursday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U8 (Coach Luis) - Tuesday 6pm, Wednsday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U6 (Coach Perez) - Tuesday 6pm, Saturday morning (Emerson Wight)

Cheer leading

Monday 6:45pm, Thursday 6:45pm, Saturday TBD

Spring Basketball

2nd/3rd Grade - Tuesday 6pm (Talmadge Elementary), Wednesday 6pm (TBD)

Biddy ball - Thursday 7pm (Fredrick Harris Elementary)

For basketball, if the practice location is TBD then there is not an official location for the practice until the location had been identified and updated.

We are still updating the schedule.


Justin Cotton




Jashua Baker

Director of Basketball Operations

Purpose Driven CEO


Coach Rell

Director of Recruitment and retention of talent


Randy Lester IV

Director of soccer opperations

Lanarsha Bell

Vice President of Basketball Operations

Deborah Cotton


Herman Pittman

President of Conditioning and Physical Training


Lianna Marrero

Customer Care Representative

Director of Bi-lingual Communications

The Purpose Driven Tigerz are based out of Springfield, Ma. We are registering basketball players from ages 3 to 15.