2nd Grade League

This league is for advanced ballers 8 and under. The 2weener league plays on 7 foot hoops every Wednesday at the South End Community Center starting in April. Players who display a  need for a less restrictive gameplay would benefit from the modification of the 2weener league hoop height, but the same aged and sized peers that other league participants also offer.

For more advanced 2nd graders we recommend you contact Coach Cotton about our 3rd grade travel basketball team, the SECC Tigerz.

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About our League

The 2weener league is designed for biddy ballers who show advanced skill and interest in basketball. This league runs year round (a season for every season) and serves children 8 years old and younger. The league fee is $125 per player and is a draft style league . The 2weener league is a program of the South End Community Center.

You can also register for the 2weener league by becoming a member of the all star package. The all star package is for $50 a month and offers you preregistration to our bitty teams every season (as long as your subscription is active).

2weener Registration

2weener Registration