Itty Bitty Baller

Itty Bitty Sports is FUNdamental!

About Itty Bitty Sports

Itty Bitty Sports was originally designed for 3 and 4 year olds in Western, Ma. All of our activities currently operate in Springfield, Ma at the South End Community Center. We offer basketball, soccer, t ball, flag football, and track and field. We offer programming every Saturday at the South End Community Center. 

Our program serves 3 and 4 year old's with challenge by choice activities, and 5 through 8 year old's with age and skill development at the core of our programming.

Itty Bitty Soccer

We began itty bitty soccer March 6th and will end itty bitty soccer on April 24th. To register for itty bitty soccer click the link below. 

Itty Bitty All Star Package

Join up for Itty Bitty Sports with our itty bitty all star package. The all star package is only $50 a month, and gives you access to all sports! Sign up for the itty bitty all star package by clicking here.

When we meet

Our programming runs every Saturday from 8am to 11:30am. As of March 6th, 2021 we offer bitty basketball at 8am followed by itty bitty soccer at 9am and then the second session of bitty basketball at 10am. Those looking for a smaller group can contact Coach Cotton to move to the 8am group.

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Itty Bitty scrimmage

Itty bitty ballers going one on one on the basketball court.

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