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Bitty Baller

Bitty Basketball
We are currently signing kids up to our 8am skills and drills session. This small group setting is a great way for your kid to acquire basketball fundamentals and grow a love for the game. Our 8am sessions ensure small group instruction and a differentiated pace of learner for each baller.​
Currently the all star package is limited to one offering per season. If you are interested in more, contact Coach Cotton at 413.455.5672 for a custom plan for your bitty baller.
If you are interested in more basketball instruction join our 2 step max after school program. The program runs from 3pm to 5pm, Monday through Friday and only costs $50 per week. To sign up for the program click the button below.
We also offer a 2nd grade league for advanced ballers. Our second grade league is by invite only. If you are interested in the 2nd grade league sign up for the 8am skills and drills program and we will promote your child to the 2nd grade league when they demonstrate the skills necessary to thrive in that league.
If your child has experience playing basketball, then click here to join our 2weener (2nd grade) League.

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