Bitty Baller

Bitty Basketball
We have limited space for our Spring Bitty Basketball season, scroll to the bottom of the page to register today. If your child is an advanced 6 or 7 year old then sign up for our 2weener league (Tweaner).
Our Bitty Basketball program is offered exclusively at the South End Community Center. We offer year round training and opportunities for competition. You can register for our bitty basketball program by signing up for our all star package at any time. Signing up for the all star package is a great way to jump the line, join our league mid season, or supplementary training.
Currently the all star package is limited to one offering per season. If you are interested in more, contact Coach Cotton at 413.455.5672 for a custom plan for your bitty baller.
We are now piloting a new after school program called 2 step max, which is designed to provide basketball specific instruction and homework help. The program costs $50 per week. To sign up for the program click the button below.
If your child has experience playing basketball, then click here to join our 2weener (2nd grade) League.
Spring Bitty Baller League

Spring Bitty Baller League

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