Springfield Tigerz

Coach for Pick Up Games

Pick Up Games is where every kid makes the team. We recruit a core group of kids at each age level who play sports together. We are expanding our sports offerings to baseball and softball and are looking for knowledgeable coaches who have time to commit to our special group of kids. 

Join our organization, coach a talented core of kids and our dedicated and committed parents, guardians and families.

We are looking for coaches for our upcoming soccer and baseball seasons. Coaches can make between $10 and $25 per session (practice and game). If you wish only to volunteer please still complete the application form below. Compensation will be determined based on coaches experience and ability. Apply today by completing the application below.

Coaches will be compensated on a bi-weekly basis based on the number of sessions that they fulfill on a bi-weekly basis.

Coaches can register their kids to play for us, their compensation will be deducted based on the registration fee of their child(ren).

(Please note all applicants will be Cori'd)

Why do we pay coaches?

We pay coaches because we value the role of a coach and understand all of the sacrifices you make in order to bring meaningful experiences for the players on your team. Complete the job application form below and a member of our team will reach out to you regarding opportunities to coach in our organization.