Independent Biddy Ball League

The Independent Biddy Ball League will start December 14th at 9am. The team consists of 6 teams and serves children from ages 4 to 7 years old.
The founding members of the league are Upnxt, the Springfield Spurs, Springfield Tigerz, Springfield Celtics and the Mass All Stars.
If you are interested in your child registering for a team in the IBL contact Coach Cotton by emailing

Independent Biddy Ball League Schedule

12/14 9am Celtics vs UpNxt

          10am Spurs vs Tigerz

12/21 9am Celtics vs Spurs

         10am UpNxt vs Tigerz

1/4  9am UpNxt vs Spurs

       10am Celtics vs Tigerz

1/11 9am Spurs vs Tigerz

        10am Celtics vs UpNxt

1/18 9am UpNxt vs Tigerz

        10am Celtics vs Spurs

1/25 9am Celtics vs Tigerz

        10am UpNxt vs Spurs

2/1 9am Cetlitcs vs UpNxt

      10am Spurs vs Tigerz