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All practices have been suspended due to the Covid 19 virus. Please check back for videos of drills that your child can do in preperation of the season.
Welcome to the insiderz page for the Springfield Tigerz. Here find all practice and game information for the season. If you have questions about the schedule or want updates added to the page text coach Cotton with the updates at 413.455.5672

Spring practice schedule

Starting March 16th 2020


U12 (Coach Tone) - Monday 6pm, Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U10 (Coach Wayne) - Monday 6pm, Wednsday 6pm, Friday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U8 (Coach Randy) - Monday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U6 (Coach Victor) - Monday 6pm, Wednsday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U6 (Coach KJ) - Monday 6pm, Wednsday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

Itty Bitty Soccer (Coach Cotton) - Monday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

Itty Bitty Basketall (Starting April) - Friday at 6pm


U12 (Coach Spank)

U10 (Coach K) - Monday 6pm, Thursday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U8 (Coach Luis) - Monday 6pm, Wednsday 6pm (Emerson Wight)

U6 (Coach Perez) - Tuesday 6pm, Saturday morning (Emerson Wight)


Monday 6:45pm, Thursday 6:45pm, Saturday TBD

Spring Basketball

2nd/3rd Grade - Tuesday 6pm (Talmadge Elementary), Wednesday 6pm (TBD)

Biddy ball - Thursday 7pm (Fredrick Harris Elementary)


We are throwing a Tigerz dance for all present, or past Tigerz and Seminoles/Spurs. The party will take place at 58 Hartford Terrace in the gym from 7pm to 9pm. This is a free party. Come and enjoy being a Tigerz with your teammates!

We are thankful to Regina Hudson for her sponsorship of our Tigerz and Itty Bitty Ballers. She sells life insurance, and car insurance, she does this so that YOU can save MONEY. Check her out at You can also email her at or call her at 413.636.7338.


U12 soccer - click here

U10 soccer - click here

U8 soccer - click here

U6 soccer (2014) - click here

U6 soccer (2015) - click here

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