Our PAY AND PLAY PLAN includes all sports including Springfield Tigerz AAU and Springfield Tigers (SYF) football registration. Your subscription is locked in at your price for life (or as long as you maintain your monthly payments. Your plan gives you access to every sport that we offer which includes baseball, soccer, basketball, flag football, track and field, cheer leading and tackle football. Scroll below to pick the plan that works best for your family.

Our year round sports calendar is as follows;

  • Spring - Baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football, cheer

  • Summer - Football, track and field, cheer

  • Fall - Football, soccer, off season basketball training

  • Winter - Basketball

If you have questions text Coach Cotton at 413.455.5672.

When you register for one of our packages below you are automatically registered for upcoming sports. Expect a text or email 3 weeks prior to the upcoming season from a member of our staff to determine which sport(s) your child wants to play next.

After signing up for one of our plans please don't forget to return to www.kidspickupgames.com to complete the form at the bottom of our home screen.

Pay and Play is a financial service provided by Pick Up Games. When you subscribe to Pay and Play you agree to the following terms;

  • It is your responsibility to bring your child to scheduled practices, games and activities.

  • It is your responsibility to join the chosen method of communication by the Coach your child is assigned to. Any questions about methods of communication should be directed to Coach Cotton at 413.455.5672

  • It is your responsibility to make monthly payments.

  • It is your responsibility to participate in team fundraisers.

  • It is your responsibility to communicate any concerns that you have that have not been addressed by your assigned coach to Coach Cotton at info@kidspickupgames.com

  • It is your responsibility to attend gear night to receive your child’s jersey. If you are unable to attend gear night then it is your responsibility to arrange for pick up with Coach Cotton by texting 413.455.5672

  • It is your responsibility to read emails from Pick Up Games as they contain important updates and information about upcoming events, games and practices.

  • When you feel that you no longer want our service you can cancel or request that your policy is cancelled. To request for your policy to be cancelled email info@kidspickupgames.com requesting that your policy be cancelled. Include your child(ren)’s full name and the email you used to register the policy in the email.