System for success

Going into a new sports season leads to lots of emotions in parents. You are excited, nervous and anxious. With the new season your child will have new coaches, and teammates. Having a system to follow, to help track your child’s growth and success, will establish a momentum that will lead to the achievement of their goals.

Ask your child what goals they want to achieve for the season. Write the goal down in a notebook or journal. Next have your child map out the action steps that they will take to reach that goal. Using a calendar or their smart phone will help them to stay on track. After creating their plan your child should communicate their individual goals with their coach. Your child should ask their coach if there are any drills that they could do independently or during the team practice that will help them to reach their goal. Finally celebrate, whenever your child completes an action step, acknowledge their accomplishment. These small victories will lead to the achievement of their season long goal!

If you would like an organizer to help your child generate their goals, track their progress towards their goals, and establish their goals click here.

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