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Springfield Spurs and PAC ONE

The season has begun and we are off to a great start. With a roster full of first year players and a few experience veterans the Springfield Spurs have teams at all age all levels. From our Biddy Ballers who compete in the Ragland Basketball Academy Biddy Baller League to our 2nd grade team competing in CYO, to our 3 8 - 10 year old teams competing in the Springfield Park and Recreation League, to Coach Taurus' 11-12 and 13-14 year old teams also competing in the Springfield Park and Recreation League.

Created by PAC ONE the Springfield Spurs have set out to provide a basketball experience for kids who may have not been able to participate on a basketball team in the past due to obstacles beyond the kids or parents control. With kind generations of time by Kiley School Principal Chris Sutton, to sponsorship(s) by Cheeks Music and Pick Up Games, we have continued to execute our mission, which is to provide access to sports for kids who may not have had access in the past.

With practices at three locations (Kiley, Brunton and JC Williams Community Center) our parents have been flexible with their time, ensuring that their student athletes gain the skills necessary to progress as basketball players, and to develop the skills necessary to be well rounded in life. However basketball courts are not free, and so we also want to thank those families that have sold their coupon books or bought Springfield Spurs gear. Each purchase of gear, and each coupon book sold helps us to offset the costs of gym rentals and referee fees.

We continue to work to achieve 100% communication with families and friends of our Springfield Spurs family. Our Facebook group "Springfield Spurs Family" has over 100 followers and is being updated often by super parents like Shantea and Nadine. If you are on Facebook, be sure to join the group and post pictures of your favorite player(s).

Our Springfield Spurs biddy program has ventured to go where no other program in our area has dared to go. We have brought basketball to players 3 years old and up. These kids are amazing, and are showing that you truly can accomplish anything you put your mind to. From Max, Mya and Evan dribbling the ball down the court in their biddy basketball game, to Caiden catching his first rebound. We thank you parents for your commitment to our biddy basketball program.

As my high school coach would say "Only in the end will you understand", be sure to visit our website to keep up to date with Springfield Spurs practices, games and to purchase merchandise.

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