More than sports

When you join the Springfield Tigerz you are joining more than a sports team or league, you are joining an inclusive family that is transparent about our goals and genuine about your growth and your child's growth.

We open our house to all of our families on a monthly basis. These gatherings help us to keep in touch with the needs, wants and desires of parents and players to better service our growing family. Our game nights are epic opportunities to share our goals and dreams and support each other to make that happen.

Our families support each other at sporting events, across different types of sports to provide the most electric atmosphere in Western Ma on the soccer pitch, football field or basketball court.

Our organization is growing to meet the demand of our families. In order to meet our co-founders missions to ensure that “every kid makes the team“ and the be “Purpose Driven”, we offer a one stop shop for ages 3 to 14 in almost all sports for kids in the greater Springfield area. We are interested to partner with neighborhood organizations as long as our missions align and those partnerships benefit kids of all ability levels.

If you would like to learn more about us visit today.

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