Practice makes perfect

Off season training is something that is often advertised, but never deeply explored. Off season training is necessary for your player to make the progress that they need in order to compete at the next age level. While the goal for every athlete may not be to play professionally or in college, it is considerably more fun playing a sport when you can do (with your body), what your mind wants to do.

With soccer, basketball, football, flag football, baseball or t-ball, it always seems like there is a sport going on (because there is). With all of these games going on their is very little emphasis on developing players individual skills during the "off-season". We here at Pick Up Games notice this and are have a plan to keep your athlete improving during their off season.

Our plan is developed around subscribed athletes who have pre-registered with Pick Up Games affiliated teams like the Springfield Tigers (Football), Springfield Tigerz (Basketball), Springfield Spurs (Basketball), Springfield Seminoles (Baseball), Springfield Seminoles (Soccer) and Springfield Soul Family (Soccer). These offerings will help your student develop fine and gross motor skills that transfer across sports.

If you would like to learn more about the subscription service email us at for more information about our special deals.

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