Spring Basketball League

Purpose Driven Pick Up Games

We will be heading into year three of Purpose Driven Pick Up Games this Spring. Check back for sign up opportunities or sign up for the Pick Up Games subscription package which will give you access to every sport that we provide. We provide access to organized sports all year in all sports.
Scroll down for a sample of our previous PDPUG league.
Camden Fitchet Celtics

Week one is in the books. We had the Lakers win 20 - 18 over the Celtics and the 76ers win 18 - 12 over the Warriors. Brandon and Brenton both scored 8 points for the 76ers while Noah scored 12 points in a winning effort.

Camden led his team with great leadership and passing, keeping all of his teammates involved.

Join us next week as the Lakers play the 76ers and the Celtics play the Warriors.

Practice for the rest of the year will be as follows;

Celtics and Lakers at 6pm on Wednesday at Kiley

Warriors and 76ers at 7pm on Wednesday at Kiley

PDPUG 11U Schedule


Lakers vs Celtics - 6pm

76ers vs Warriors - 7pm


Lakers vs 76ers - 6pm

Celtics vs Warriors - 7pm


Lakers vs Warriors - 6pm

Celtics vs 76ers - 7pm


Lakers vs Celtics - 6pm

76ers vs Warriors - 7pm


Lakers vs 76ers - 6pm

Celtics vs Warriors - 7pm


Lakers vs Warriors - 6pm

Celtics vs 76ers - 7pm





PDPUG 11U Rules

Purpose Driven MVP
Noah Davis MVP

1. Games will be played with 14 minute halves (stop time)

2. Each time out will have two time outs per half (45 seconds)

3. Each player will have 5 fouls per game.

4. We will shoot one and one on the 10th team foul.

5.  Teams will get two free throws on the 13th foul.

6. Every player must play at least 3 minutes per half.

7. All players must check into the scorers table before entering the game.

8. Upon a tie we will play a 2 minute over time. If the game is still tied after over time, the game will end in a tie.

9. Defense can only be played at half court.

10. With one minute left in the game teams can full court press.

11. There is no pressing in over time.

12. If a player does not play 3 minutes in the first half, they must play the first 6 minutes of the second half.

13. When the score exceeds a 15 point lead the score board will remain frozen for the winning teams score until the margin is less than 15 at which time the real score (kept in the book) will be updated on the scoreboard.

14. When the score exceeds 15 points, the winning team will be instructed to take out their star player, as determined by the table (the player who scored the most points).

Summer Basketball

Summer basketball in the Springfield, Ma. area will launch soon. We are now registering players for summer basketball. Keep your skills sharp during the summer with instruction from top notch coaches. We will field teams at the 10u, 12u, 14u and 15u age levels. join our Tigerz team this summer.