Spring Biddy Ball League

Purpose Driven Pick Up Games

Due to the Covid 19 virus we have suspended practice until March 29th. Please check your email regularly for updates regarding drills your child can practice at home.
We will be heading into year three of Purpose Driven Pick Up Games this Spring. This year we have expanded our league to include our biddy ballers. Join us for instructional basketball. This league is for kids who are between the ages of 5 and 7 and are learning the game of basketball. For more advanced ballers we suggest you register for our 3rd grade league.
Practices will begin the week of March 16th and the league will run for 8 weeks. There are no playoffs in this league. All players will receive a basketball t shirt and shorts.
If you are entering your own team in the league, registration fee will be $200, you can contact Coach Cotton at info@kidspickupgames.com to register your team.
You can register for the league two ways, join our Pick Up Games family with the all star plan for $45 a month and get access to all sports that we offer or sign up with the one time fee listed below.
If you have any questions that can not be answered on this page please ask in the chat box. 
If you are looking for itty bitty basketball please click here.

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