Let's go Springfield Tigerz

Springfield Tigerz Basketball Hoodie

CYO schedule

12/7 10 am @ St. Thomas (2nd)

12/7 11am vs Wilshire Royal (Biddy) at Greenleaf

12/7 1pm @ St. Thomas (3rd)

12/7 2pm @ MLK (4th)

12/7 3pm vs Enfield (RBC Tigerz)

12/7 4pm vs OLOG (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Phil)

12/7 4pm vs Mater Dolorosa (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Ibrahim)

12/7 3pm vs Most Holy Redeemer (Coach Jay)

12/8 11am vs OLOG (Coach Jash)

12/12 6:30pm @ 2nd Baptist (RBC Tigerz)

12/14 3pm vs PVCA (2nd)

12/14 3pm vs MLK (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Phil)

12/14 4pm vs OLOG (3rd)

12/14 4pm vs Blessed Sacrament (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Phil)

12/14 5pm vs Agawam (4th)

12/14 6pm vs MIGS (RBC Tigerz)

12/14 6pm vs Agawam (Coach Jash)

12/15 12pm vs SOY (Biddy) at Greenleaf

12/15 3pm vs MIGS (Coach Jash)

12/15 6pm at St. Patricks (4th)

12/20 5:30pm at Southwick (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Ibrahim)

12/20 6:15pm @Enfield (RBC Tigerz)

12/20 8:30pm @ St. Catherines (Coach Jay)

12/21 8am vs OLSH Red (Biddy) at Greenleaf

12/21 9am @ Palmer (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Phil)

12/21 11am vs Holy Name (Coach Jash)

12/21 12pm @ Family Center (RBC Tigerz)

12/21 3pm @ Most Holy Redeemer (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Ibrahim)

12/22 9am @ Family Center (3rd)

12/22 3pm @ St. Thomas (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Phil)

12/27 5:30pm @ 2nd Baptist (4th)

12/28 3pm vs ???

12/28 4pm vs MLK (3rd)

12/28 4pm vs St. Marys (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Ibrahim)

12/28 5pm vs OLOG (4th)

12/28 6pm vs OLOG (Coach Jash)

12/28 7pm vs OLOG (RBC Tigerz)

12/29 11am vs Chicopee Boys (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Phil)

12/29 11am vs  OLOG (Coach Jay)

12/29 4pm vs Biddy MIGS (Biddy) at Greenleaf

12/30 7:30pm @ 2nd Baptist (3rd)

1/3 7:30pm @ St. Catherines (Coach Jay)

1/4 3pm vs St. Thomas (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Phil)

1/4 4pm vs St Thomas (3rd)

1/4 4pm vs Holy Name (Purpose Driven Tigerz - Ibrahim)

1/4 5pm vs St Mary (4th)

1/4 5pm vs Springfield Trailblazers (Coach Jay)

1/4 6pm vs Agawam (Coach Jash

1/4 7pm vs 2nd Baptist (RBC Tigerz)

1/5 11am vs OLOG (Coach Jash)

Itty Bitty Tigerz

If you like our program and have a three or four year old, check out our Itty Bitty Ballers program. We have multiple sports for every season. Check out our program by clicking the link below.

Tigerz are making noise!

Your Springfield Tigerz won another tournament. This time taking home the 4th grade title at the Rhode Island Magic basketball tournament in Providence, Rhode Island. The group was led by Nicoli who scored 21 points (17 of the teams first points). The team played stiffing defense holding their opponents to only 6 points in the entire game. 

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