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This team is special to me because it is special to my son. he has played for other teams but none that you ever heard from outside of practice or a game. With PUG it felt like a community from the start. People that were invested in my child and made him feel important both on and off the field. His coaches care about his personal growth and development, not just as an athlete. Utmost respect from our family to your! Keep doing what you do.

Jennifer Andrews (mom)

Coaches Cotton and Taurus are the only two coaches my son will play for. Thank you both for being awesome coaches and mentors for my son.

Karol (Mom)

Pick Up Games is special to me because it gives hope to the kids in the community keeps them active and gives them something to do instead of tablets and TV it keeps them active and they learn how to be part of a team besides their family also at a time that we are in it brings all different backgrounds together from race to beliefs to gender and teaches everyone is equal in this crazy world kids don't see the bs that is going on right but this right here shows them nothing but love for each other which is so needed so that you pick up games for everything you do for the city and for the kids.

Pete C (Itty Bitty Dad)

Pick Up Games has allowed my children to play sports that they would have missed out on due to my financial limitations. They have made what I hope to be a lifelong connections with some amazing kids. It has also been crucial to me with transitioning to a new state with very little support. I have met some amazing people that have made me feel ok with the change and have allowed me to come out of my comfort zone.

Pick Up Games has given both myself and my children the family we need here in Springfield. My children have learned skills that are valuable to them. Also with the absence of a male figure in the home, the relationships they have build with their coaches has been amazing to watch.

I am eternally grateful to pick up games for everything it has done for my little family.

Shayla R (Multi Sport Mom)

Kids Pick Up Games are what keeps my kids active in sports and keeping them apart of a community that they have something in common me something I can belong to and participate in with my kids.

Carmen M (Original Itty Bitty Mom)

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