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Welcome to the official website of the Springfield Tigerz 3rd grade team

The Springfield Tigerz 34-2 team, also known as the third grade team is composed of a core of team members that play multiple sports together. Check here for updates in schedule and practices.

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1/11 at 4:00pm at the South End Community Center vs St. Patricks

1/15 at 7:15pm at Kiley

1/16 at 7:15pm at Kiley

1/18 at 11:30am at 589 Granby Rd, South Hadley vs Second Baptist

1/22 at 6:15pm at Kiley

1/25 at 1:00pm at St. Francis Belchertown

1/29 at 6:15pm at Kiley

2/01 at 4:00pm at South End Community Center vs St. Mary's Longmeadow

2/05 at 5:30pm at Second Baptist

2/05 at 6:15pm at Kiley (Time likely to change)

2/08 at 2:30pm at St. Mary's Longmeadow

2/09 at 1:00pm at St. Thomas West Springfield

2/12 at 7:15pm at Kiley

2/15 at 4:00pm at South End Community Center vs MIGS

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