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Spring sports overview

Spring sports is the busiest time of the year when it comes to youth sports. There are so many choices to pick from. Baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football, softball. Do you pick one, two or all? We will provide you with information about these options and how we eliminate conflicts between the sports in the spring.

When you sign up with Kids Pick Up games you are signing up with a coordinated organization. Most of our core group of players play multiple sports, and so our main job is ensuring that practices do not conflict with each other. Most of our practices will take place at the South End Community Center (fields), so if you have multiple kids playing different sports, we guarantee that the prat ices will be at the same location if they happen at the same time.

We also coordinate with Flag Football to ensure that our core groups games do not conflict with our soccer or baseball schedule(s).

The only place that we can not guarantee a conflict is during game times, however we do make every effort to reschedule conflicting games with the leagues in order to ensure that all of our players are able to attend every game.

You can sign up for our spring sports by registering for an individual sport or you can sign up for a combination of sports. If you are signing up for either we strongly suggest that you sign up for the Pick Up Games package which will save your family money.

You can ask questions by clicking here.

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